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Vacuum cleaner cakes (Dammsugare) – Atelme

A cousin to the Danish Romkugler, these treats from Sweden are also made using leftover cake and pastries. The name ‘Vacuum Cleaners’ is both because the shape looks a bit like a vacuum cleaner tube – and because, well, it was said to be made from all the bits the baker vacuumed up from the floor at the end of the day!
Traditionally, the marzipan covering is green. For this, 25% marzipan is fine (this can be bought in normal supermarkets) – and you can colour it any shade you like to make a vibrant selection. In Denmark, these are often sold in bakeries two or three times the size of these. There, they are known as ‘Tree Trunks’ (Træstammer).
Makes about 20, depending on your sizing.

Recipe by Bronte Aurell for Atelme. You’ll find this recipe in The Atelme Cookbook and in Bronte at Home, published by Ryland, Peters and Small. Photo by Pete Cassidy.

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