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Iconic glassware by Kosta Boda — Nordique | Nordic Lifestyle | Scandinavian Design | Nordic Products

During the first 150 years of the company´s presence, they produced fine utility glassware, such as bottles and drinkware, but also chandeliers and items of its kind, which attracted customers including royalty, nobility and wealthy merchants. At the time, the majority of the workers came from abroad, as the Swedes hadn´t quite grasped the skills of glassworks yet, but after receiving criticism at an exhibition in Stockholm because their glassware mainly mirrored items made in other parts of Europe, the company came up with the idea of employing their own designers, an idea which turned in to an almost immediate success.

Kosta Boda is now known for working with some of the most distinguished designers, such as Kjell Engman, Ernst Billgren and Matti Kleness, to mention just a few, and their proficiency and creativity sees them working with the classic glass-blowing techniques, but also constantly pushing the boundaries and expanding their horizons on the possibilities in the world of glass, which has resulted in many iconic and sought-after items, with Kosta Boda collectors situated all over the world.

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