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Danish design by Mette Ditmer — Nordique | Nordic Lifestyle | Scandinavian Design | Nordic Products

Each new collection is a continuation of the previous ones to make sure everything goes well together, and so that pieces don´t need replacing simply because it no longer fits in with the new. Their inspiration of mindfulness combined with conscious living results in timeless designs defined by straight lines and shapes (and let´s not forget their incredible attention to detail) that already goes well with most styles. Their use of natural tones and interesting frames and textures are perfectly combined, creating those stand out yet serene designs. As Mette explains, the throw-away mentality does not appeal to them.

“The Metter Ditmer collection revolves around the interplay between complementary and contrasting colours, shapes, textures and surfaces. Form follows function, and all the MD items possess their own tactility featuring organic shapes, smooth surfaces, and a dusty, yet daring colour mix and graphically inspired patterns. With the Mette Ditmer universe we sell a lifestyle, not only products… and we aim to reflect this in everything we do.”

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