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Atelme 06/08/2021

A Fairytale Swedish Summer Cottage / Plus Camp Adventure, Denmark

Cities and towns across Scandinavian are starting to buzz with life again as people…

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Atelme 04/08/2021

A Warm and Relaxed Artists Home Full of Vintage Finds

I’m in the mood for some arty / creative inspiration today, how about you?…

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Atelme 02/08/2021

Sedsel's Serene Oasis In The Heart of Copenhagen

Tjena! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! The weather broke here after weeks…

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Atelme 30/07/2021

48 Hours in Helsingborg, Sweden

In paid collaboration with Visit Helsingborg. Thank you to Visit Helsingborg for making this guide…

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Atelme 28/07/2021

Jessica's Idyllic Swedish Country Croft From 1900

In the month of July, Swedish cities can feel very deserted. Many have fled…

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Atelme 26/07/2021

Back Again! (Plus Our Summer Cottage kitchen Renovation)

Why hello there! I hope you’ve had a wonderful couple of weeks. Per, the girls…

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Atelme 10/07/2021

10 Dreamy Scandinavian Summer Cottages

As my family and I pack up our things in preparation for a few…

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Atelme 09/07/2021

3 New lamps At Home from Hudson Valley Lighting

MSH partnership, all words are my own:  Everyone has a ‘thing’ when it comes…

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Atelme 07/07/2021

my scandinavian home: Marilou's Wonderful Canadian Home

As pretty as Marilou’s Canadian family home is, I have a feeling a certain…

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Atelme 06/07/2021

A Beautiful, Elegant Copenhagen Home Revisited!

A beautiful day in the Öresund region calls for a beautiful home tour. And…

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Atelme 03/07/2021

Period Charm, Pattern and Fabulous Paintwork in a Striking Swedish Home

I’ve been curious to know who is behind the interior design of this red…

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Atelme 02/07/2021

my scandinavian home: Latest Tiny Cabin Update: I Need Your Help!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the little cabin we’re building…

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Atelme 01/07/2021

A Traditional Norwegian Cabin Gets a Beautiful Colour Update

A few years ago, Berit stumbled across her dream croft surrounded by forest in…

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Atelme 29/06/2021

A Cosy Outdoor Oasis Gets a String Lighting Update

MSH Partnership* They say the best things come to those who wait. I was…

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Atelme 28/06/2021

Pretty Summer Touches in an Idyllic Swedish cottage

You might recognise the lovely home of Anna-Maria Blomqvist from this wintery tour. But…

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Atelme 25/06/2021

An Endearing Danish Summer Cabin on an Allotment

It’s only a couple of days until midsummer, and Scandinavians are gearing up to…

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