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Atelme 09/04/2021

Silvia Cake (Silviakaka)

  Print Silvia Cake I always try my best to find origins and meanings…

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Atelme 04/04/2021

Black Bean Balls And Coconut Milk Rice – A Delicious Lunch

Here is an excellent lunch menu recipe for you. You can add a light…

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Atelme 02/04/2021

Black Rice & Salmon Salad

  Print Black Rice & Salmon Salad Strictly speaking, this salad isn’t traditionally Scandinavian,…

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Atelme 31/03/2021

See our Easter opening (2021)

Easter opening hours Easter Opening Hours Good Friday 9:00-18:00 Easter Saturday 10:00-17:00 Easter Sunday…

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Atelme 13/03/2021

Open faced sandwich - Two vegetarian versions

When you look into a Dane’s lunchbag, you’ll probably most likely find an open…

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Atelme 22/02/2021

Tahini And Molasses Cake – Light And Fluffy

I’m sitting on my bed, drinking my morning tea and writing this blog post….

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Atelme 19/02/2021

Vacuum cleaner cakes (Dammsugare) - Atelme

A cousin to the Danish Romkugler, these treats from Sweden are also made using…

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Atelme 19/02/2021

Creamy Salmon Soup (fiskesuppe med laks)

This post is made in partnership with Kvarøy Arctic Salmon There’s something incredibly comforting…

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Atelme 16/02/2021

Open faced sandwiches - a vegetarian version by Nordic food blogger

If there is one thing that Denmark is known for, when it comes to…

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Atelme 15/02/2021

Spelt Loaf Bread With Seeds – Baking Bread As A Form Of Therapy

When covid-19 came, everyone started to bake – cakes, cookies, but especially their own…

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Atelme 13/02/2021

Porridge with whole grain rye, blueberries and flaxseed

I love to start my morning with a nice warm bowl of porridge with…

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Atelme 12/02/2021

Vegan Monday: Sweet Raw Carrot Balls – A Quick And Healthy Delight

I mean seriously, this is so quick and easy that you will want to…

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Atelme 10/02/2021

Green Salad with Blueberries, Kamut Berries and Dill Oil

This is truly a Summer salad and if you have the same sunny weather,…

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Atelme 09/02/2021

Gluten Free Thursday: Tomato Puree Bread Which Also Has Sun-dried Tomatoes!

I love tomatoes. Every single day I must eat tomatoes. Every morning I eat…

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Atelme 07/02/2021

Healthy Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms

This recipe for healthy scrambled eggs with mushrooms is the ideal breakfast for those…

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