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Atelme 14/04/2021

Grilled Whole Salmon for a Crowd (Grillet hel laks)

This post is made in partnership with Kvarøy Arctic Salmon Sharing a meal is…

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Atelme 04/04/2021

Black Bean Balls And Coconut Milk Rice – A Delicious Lunch

Here is an excellent lunch menu recipe for you. You can add a light…

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Atelme 13/03/2021

Open faced sandwich - Two vegetarian versions

When you look into a Dane’s lunchbag, you’ll probably most likely find an open…

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Atelme 16/02/2021

Open faced sandwiches - a vegetarian version by Nordic food blogger

If there is one thing that Denmark is known for, when it comes to…

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Atelme 07/02/2021

Healthy Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms

This recipe for healthy scrambled eggs with mushrooms is the ideal breakfast for those…

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Atelme 01/02/2021

Cottage Cheese Salad with Tomatoes and Fresh Oregano

This cottage cheese salad with new Danish cherry tomatoes and fresh oregano is a…

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Atelme 29/01/2021

Pickled herring recipe with curry, apple and dates

This pickled herring recipe with curry mayonaise, apple and dates might sound like a…

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Atelme 23/01/2021

Orange Date Energy Balls Recipe

Orange date energy balls will always be my favorite go-to snack when I need…

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Atelme 20/01/2021

Blueberry vinaigrette and the best blueberry salad

This recipe features a real summer salad and a beautiful blueberry vinaigrette that is…

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Atelme 19/01/2021

Blueberry Cake With Lemon And Coconut – Blåbärskaka Med Citron Och Kokos

Yeah, believe it or not, I started to speak Swedish. I can read articles,…

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Atelme 26/11/2020

How to better understand Scandinavians this Christmas

How to better understand Scandinavians this Christmas Most Scandinavians really, really like Christmas. Even…

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Atelme 21/11/2020

Brunost Turkey & Kale Pot Pies

This post is made in partnership with TINE. The holiday season is upon us…

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Atelme 04/09/2020

Good manners - Atelme

It’s important to behave properly. Generally, we Scandinavians are an assertive bunch, but that…

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Atelme 28/06/2020

Recipe: Beetroot & Apple Salad – Rödbetsallad

Print Rödbetsallad Apple and Beetroot Salad This dish is a must on Scandi smorgasbord…

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Midsummer in Scandinavia - Atelme
Atelme 05/06/2020

Midsummer in Scandinavia - Atelme

Midsummer in Scandinavia Midsummer, to Swedes especially, is one of the biggest celebrations of…

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