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Atelme 19/06/2021

Phyllo Asparagus Pie – Crissspy

I’m currently melting into my bed while writing this blog post. Even though the…

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Atelme 24/04/2021

Things that happen when you live with a Scandinavian

Things that happen when you live with a Scandinavian person Maybe you’ve already moved…

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Atelme 13/03/2021

Open faced sandwich - Two vegetarian versions

When you look into a Dane’s lunchbag, you’ll probably most likely find an open…

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Atelme 07/02/2021

Healthy Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms

This recipe for healthy scrambled eggs with mushrooms is the ideal breakfast for those…

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Atelme 01/02/2021

Cottage Cheese Salad with Tomatoes and Fresh Oregano

This cottage cheese salad with new Danish cherry tomatoes and fresh oregano is a…

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Atelme 23/01/2021

Orange Date Energy Balls Recipe

Orange date energy balls will always be my favorite go-to snack when I need…

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Atelme 14/08/2020

Danish Breakfast Rolls (Rundstykker)

Print Danish Breakfast rolls On Sunday mornings in Denmark, someone will usually do the…

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Atelme 31/05/2020

17 Ways to Celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day (17 May) at Home

Hurray for 17 May! Whether in Norway or abroad, Norway’s Constitution Day (grunnlovsdag) is…

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Atelme 31/05/2020

Dandelion Syrup (løvetannsirup) - North Wild Kitchen

Dandelions. We took a little stroll along Numedalslågen, the local river, amidst the valley’s…

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