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Atelme 18/06/2021

Smörgåstårta - Sandwich cake - Atelme

The literal translation for this is sandwich cake – but really, that doesn’t do…

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Atelme 18/06/2021

Bonfire Bread Snobrød

  Print Bonfire Bread Snobrød This is what Danish kids make for Midsummer. We…

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Atelme 16/06/2021

Plank Salmon (plankelaks) - North Wild Kitchen

This post is made in partnership with Kvarøy Arctic Salmon As the daylight lingers…

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Atelme 14/06/2021

Interview With Anna Nyman On Wild Food Foraging in Finland – Podcast Episode 15

My guest on the podcast today is Anna Nyman, a wild food foraging enthusiast…

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Atelme 05/06/2021

“My Dear Kitchen In Helsinki” – A Podcast To Critically Discuss And Understand Food In Finland And Beyond

My Dear Kitchen In Helsinki is a blog where I share recipes, interviews, food-related…

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Atelme 05/06/2021

Norwegian Brown Cheese Recipes - North Wild Kitchen

Norwegian Brown Cheese Recipes (scroll down to get them). Brunost is Norway’s most iconic…

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Atelme 04/06/2021

How to count in Danish.

How to count in Danish (also known as ‘how to confuse Swedes’) While the…

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Atelme 02/06/2021

Summer Berry Salad with Brown Cheese Vinaigrette

This post is made in partnership with TINE. Berries are one of the many…

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Atelme 19/05/2021

Chickpea Balls With Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Herbs – Aka Vegetarian “Meatballs”

I’ve been a vegetarian officially for more than two years. But even before making…

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Atelme 15/05/2021

Steps to become a Norwegian

As all Norwegians know: everyone else just wishes they were Norwegian. (Yes, even you,…

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Atelme 14/05/2021

Norwegian Waffles for 17th May (Vafler)

Not all waffles are created equal. The masters of all waffles are the Norwegians…

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Atelme 12/05/2021

Spiced Flatbread With Turmeric And Herbs – And It’s Yellow!

Yellow is my favourite colour. And so today I’m giving you the recipe for…

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Atelme 11/05/2021

Nordic-Style Salmon Dogs & Burgers

This post is made in partnership with Kvarøy Arctic Salmon An uplift in weather…

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Atelme 10/05/2021

Recipe: Easy oat treats (Chokladbollar)

Print Easy Chocolate & Oat treats The Swedes call them Chokladbollar, Danes call them…

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Atelme 07/05/2021

Nettle Honey Oat Bars (havrebar med brennesle)

As spring becomes more settled in our area, new growth pushes away the remnants…

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Atelme 05/05/2021

Eurovision Bingo 2021 - the only card you'll need

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