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Atelme 18/06/2021

A Swedish Couple Turn a Mercedes Sprinter White Van Into a Cosy Home

Let’s celebrate the weekend with something a little different – and super inspiring! Meet…

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Atelme 17/06/2021

I love this Danish Dining Set In My Home!

Sponsored* Last week I received an exciting delivery – this wonderful oak and white…

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Atelme 16/06/2021

A Charming Shaker-style Kitchen in a 1000-year-old Mill

How about a little kitchen dreaming today? This beautiful space can be found at…

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Atelme 15/06/2021

A 19th Century House Ready for Summer, On The Swedish Island of Gotland

Linda and Martin Bendelin Munkhammar grew up on the Swedish summer paradise island of Gotland before…

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Atelme 12/06/2021

my scandinavian home: Before and After: My Summer Balcony Make-Over

Sponsored*  On our top floor (third floor) we have a balcony which I have…

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Atelme 11/06/2021

A Wonderful, Relaxed Family Home in The Normandy Countryside

Hello there friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!? We’re currently up in…

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Atelme 10/06/2021

The Design Plans For Our Tiny Swedish Cabin (Komplementbostadshus / Attefallshus)

A while back I wrote that Per and I are planning on building an…

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Atelme 09/06/2021

A Swedish Architect Designs Her Own Dream Family Home

A while ago I shared this post about our plans to build an attefallshus…

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Atelme 08/06/2021

A Harmonious Swedish Home With a Blend of Old and New

Never judge a book by its cover. Isn’t that what they say? From the…

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Atelme 05/06/2021

Warm Pools of Sunlight In a Monochrome Home

Tjena! We’re going monochrome today with Alexander Parr’s pad in Bielefeld, Germany. Black, white…

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Atelme 04/06/2021

A Cookbook Author's Tuscan Kitchen Make-Over

As a Brit living in Sweden – by way of the USA, Scotland and…

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Atelme 03/06/2021

Dreaming About This Fabulous 19th Century House in Barcelona

In my days working for a corporate giant, we always made an annual pilgrimage…

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Atelme 01/06/2021

A Lovely Pared-back & Contemporary Home In Bergen, Norway

Are you ready for a virtual trip to Bergen, Norway? Today, we’re taking a…

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Atelme 31/05/2021

A Beautiful, Light-filled 19th Century Swedish Loft Apartment

Why, hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend (if I’ve got this…

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Atelme 29/05/2021

A Fabulous Swedish Home In A Converted railway Station

Warehouses, firestations, schools, post offices – there’s something so special about these structures when they…

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Atelme 28/05/2021

A Serene Dark Interior With A Wonderful Air of Mystique

It was a while since I showed a home with darker tones – and…

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