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Atelme 04/08/2021

A Warm and Relaxed Artists Home Full of Vintage Finds

I’m in the mood for some arty / creative inspiration today, how about you?…

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Atelme 02/08/2021

Sedsel's Serene Oasis In The Heart of Copenhagen

Tjena! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! The weather broke here after weeks…

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Atelme 02/08/2021

Barley and Shaved Zucchini Salad (byggsalat med squash)

If there’s one vegetable that’s guaranteed to be fruitful in the garden, often leaving…

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Atelme 01/08/2021

What's On in Copenhagen: July 2021

Please note: Many of the events below are in-person. Please make sure to follow…

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Atelme 30/07/2021

48 Hours in Helsingborg, Sweden

In paid collaboration with Visit Helsingborg. Thank you to Visit Helsingborg for making this guide…

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Atelme 28/07/2021

Jessica's Idyllic Swedish Country Croft From 1900

In the month of July, Swedish cities can feel very deserted. Many have fled…

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Atelme 26/07/2021

The Monthly Bite: Best New Openings in Copenhagen Vol. 13

 The weather is still good in Copenhagen, which means you’ll likely feel inspired to…

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Atelme 26/07/2021

Back Again! (Plus Our Summer Cottage kitchen Renovation)

Why hello there! I hope you’ve had a wonderful couple of weeks. Per, the girls…

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Atelme 23/07/2021

A Simple Sweet Bread With Corn Flour And Molasses

You may also call this a cake. I’d say it’s something between a cake…

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Atelme 22/07/2021

Brown Cheese Caramel Rice Krispies Treats

There’s a bit of reminiscing to be had here. As a child, marshmallows always…

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Atelme 19/07/2021

Minimalist Packaging We Love: Maison Louise Marie

There are brands that lead, and brands that follow. Maison Louise Marie, whose history…

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Atelme 14/07/2021

Oaxaca to Copenhagen: Textiles from Añil Studio

When Kay Litzinger travelled through Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia in 2018, he fell in…

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Atelme 11/07/2021

Scandi in...Mexico City

La Ciudad de México, or Mexico City, is a city like a fever dream….

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Atelme 10/07/2021

10 Dreamy Scandinavian Summer Cottages

As my family and I pack up our things in preparation for a few…

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